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we have launched a new certification from this July 2014 and a brochure is attached for details..
American Welding Society - Certified Welding Engineer
( AWS-CWEng)
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American Welding Society About our Training
American Welding society came up with a welding inspector program in 1976 and since then it has developed and introduced various certification programs to cater to the needs of the welding industry.These certifications are designed in such a way that the individuals getting certified, will have a mark of recognition to show case their capabilities and knowledge in respective welding areas.

Nowadays every Government agency, Certification bodies, Contractors, Fabricators and likewise rely on AWS certification to get their candidates or the contractor validated for respective assignments. This opens up huge employment and career up-gradation opportunities for aspiring individuals in the QA/QC or welding discipline.
BETZ Engineering & Technology Zone is a Quality Control company established in the year 2002. Betz has conducted numerous Quality Control assignments and also has trained and certified more than 5000 technicians on NDT under ASNT- SNT-TC-1A. The NDT technicians of BETZ have been deployed in various industries across India, Middle East and South East Asian countries.

BETZ Research and training division is an authorized international agent for American Welding Society since 2007 to conduct seminars and exams for the requirement of AWS Certified Welding Inspector. BETZ has produced more than 1800 CWI and all of them were deployed predominantly in Middle East and North American countries.
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We are regularly organizing the following seminar and certification

AWS - Certified Welding Inspector
AWS - Senior Certified Welding Inspector
AWS - Certified Welding Supervisor
AWS - Certified Welding Engineer
AWS - "Certified Welder"

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AWS - "Certified Welder"
About BETZ

BETZ Engineering & Technology Zone is the only “ATF-Accredited Test Facility” for AWS to evaluate and certify welders. It is also an international agency for AWS to conduct seminars and examinations for Certified Welding Inspectors. BETZ has helped in certifying more than 1800 CWIs in the past 6 years. BETZ is also a third party inspection company having deployed its NDT technicians and Quality Assurance engineers in various projects across India, Middle east countries and south east Asia.

Certified Welder

AWS has devised evaluation and testing programs based on various Processes, Positions and Codes on international standards. When a welder exhibits his welding skill under the supervision of a well-defined evaluation process and welding inspector, and when the weld quality is accepted based on the acceptance criteria of various applicable codes when subjected to various tests as Visual, Radiography and Mechanical tests; the said welder shall be certified as a successful and employable welder. AWS maintains the database of such welders and also issues AWS Certified Welder-Cards and Certificates to those welders. The certification is valid for 6-months and can be renewed every six months automatically by providing your experience certificate and renewal fees.

Who can Qualify

“Certified Welder” program is a performance/skill based program and doesn't need any formal education to qualify. Any Welder who possess the skill of welding Plates or Pipes using any one of Gas or Arc welding methodologies can take this certification. Since this Certification is a proof of the skill of the welder exhibited at the evaluation, it will help the employers to easily shortlist such candidates for local and overseas welding assignments. So those who possess welding skills and aspiring to take an international certificate to help go abroad and work, shall take this certification.

Training & Certification Process

Though the welders can take this test directly without any training, BETZ Research & Training division strongly recommends that the Welder go through a 3-day training program on Weld fundamentals, Interpreting and Understanding WPS, Safety procedures and understanding the process of AWS evaluation and Certification.

On the end of the training, and on the test day the Welder will be guided to choose a WPS and go through the welding process on the supervision of an AWS certified Welding Inspector. On the end of the welding process, the weld specimen shall be subjected to various tests as per WPS and results shall be declared within a week. The Certification and Welder Card will be shipped from AWS USA for the successful welders, in about three weeks from the time of test.

Training Syllabus

Schedule Topics to be covered
Day -1 Welding & Cutting Process, Safety, Weld Geometry & Terminology, Drawing & Specification, Testing methods, Producing & Maintaining Records
Day - 2 Understanding & Interpreting assigned WPS and PQR
Day - 3 Practical on Weld, How to Qualify PQR as per WPS, Testing & Qualification

PDF AWS-CWEng Registration Form 2014
PDF CWI - Brochure
PDF CWI - Registration Form 2014
PDF CWI - Application
PDF Visual Acuity /Eye Form
PDF SCWI - Brochure
PDF SCWI - Registration Form
PDF SCWI - Application
PDF Visual Acuity /Eye Form
PDF NDT - Brochure
PDF NDT - Registration Form
PDF NDT - Application
PDF Visual Acuity /Eye Form
PDF CW(ATF) - Brochure
PDF CW(ATF) -Registration Form
PDF CW(ATF) - Application
PDF Visual Acuity /Eye Form
PDF WPS - Brochure
PDF WPS - Registration Form
PDF WPS - Application
PDF Visual Acuity /Eye Form
BETZ - International Agency for  AWS
Betz is proud to be one of the international agents handpicked to conduct AWS/CWI, SCWI and other exams on behalf of the American Welding Society, USA. BETZ is conducting its seminars and certification events in India and overseas To specific in India the following cities Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy.
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